Summer paralympic games Rio 2016
The summer edition of the Paralympics in 2016 was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The carioca city hosted the XXI edition of the games. The city has almost forgotten the games, few appearances in the stadiums, but athletes have given as always the best of themselfes, fighting for medals in a hot winter with rainy days or others totally dry with a strong wind like a desert.

This Paralympic Games has been characterized by the total lack of the Russian delegation. Disqualified because of doping at all levels. The events were held within the city, spread over the municipal territory using the most scenic areas such as the Maracana stadium, the Sambadrome, Ipanema, Copacabana and all the most popular tourist sites.

Brazil is not going through a good period in terms of political and financial. The Olympic and Paralympic Games were held, but great were the problems of management, starting from the relationship with the group of volunteers who have been denied even the refund for accommodation and have been dramatically reduced during the last days.

The population did not participate at matches as public. It was very common to see both the stands or the spots along external circuits completely empty and without cheering. There have been few truly participate races. Football was certainly the greatest attraction for the Brazilian supporters. The races of the last days have seen a marked increase participation of viewers, especially when local athletes were present.

A note of credit must be made to the worker team at all levels. Despite substantial economic problems and of organization, they have been able to deal with the public and workers with a kindness that I have rarely seen in similar events.

Medals of the first ten nationalities