Railways in Bosnia And Herzegovina
Railways in Bosnia And Herzegovina are going to be renovated, great works are underway and now only one line is working with many problems connected to the different managements between different political entities.

Like everything in the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina also the management of railways is divided between the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska. Trafficking functioning for passengers at the time of the reportage is the one that leads from Sarajevo to Croatia, through Zenica and Doboj. Every other lines are not working for passengers. In rebuilding or simply inactive. Passenger traffic is in perpetual decline. Only freight trains, owned by factories, are constantly increasing. During the night from processing plants in Zenica many trains carrying goods direct to the harbour of Split where they will find the ships to transport them all over the world.

Trains are outdated, often used the same already in operation during the Yugoslav period. The local train on which I traveled was inaugurated in 1984 at the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. Trafficking blanket was Sarajevo-Belgrade, no longer active today. Communications between stations as all records are manual, the telephone line railway is unique and all stations communicate on the same channel. And 'being renewed trafficking Sarajevo-Mostar where they should start operating new "high speed train" not currently in operation.